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Below are some frequent questions asked. If you still can't find the answer to your question please do call or email us.


Are wall stickers re-positionable?
Unless otherwise stated our wall stickers are not re-positionable and can only be used once. Upon removal they cannot be re-used.

Is your website safe?  How can I pay online?
 You can pay for your wall stickers by using one of two of our payment processors, PayPal or credit/debit card payments via telephone ordering.

We have been PayPal verified online retailers since 2004 and have built up a reputation with our clients for protecting their personal information. Payments via PayPal are generally used by clients that have account with PayPal and a financial balance within their account. However, you do not need an account with PayPal in order to pay for your wall stickers, you can safely enter credit card information with them and pay for your goods.

We accept payment via the telephone for our wall stickers. Simply give us a call on 01483 472225 Monday to Friday during office hours and we'll be happy to take your order over the phone.

Where can I apply the wall stickers?
Our wall stickers can be used on any flat and smooth surface including painted walls, tiles, wallpapered walls, plaster, wood, metals, plastic and glass.

Where can't I apply the wall stickers?
Our wall stickers are not recommended for use on overly textured surfaces i.e. textured wallpapers, brickwork or any other rough surface.

How easy are wall stickers to install?
Our wall stickers are very easy to install, even if you've never installed one before. With every order you'll receive full fitting instructions, written by us in plain English. We want you to achieve perfect results first time and tell the world where you purchased your wall stickers from! 

Can the wall stickers be removed?
Our wall stickers can be removed with ease. It's a simple case of gently heating the wall sticker with a hair dryer and then gently peeling the sticker off the wall. As we use a very high quality peel-able vinyl there should be no mess and no evidence that the sticker was ever on your wall. Instructions for removal are also supplied with every order.

Can you colour match wall stickers to my wall colour?
We are marginally limited to the amount of colours that are available but we are always willing see if we can match, just ask. If you are looking for a particular colour please do check with us first before ordering so we can send you a colour swatch. This just saves time in the long run if you order a wall sticker and find that the colour is not what you wanted.

Can I return the wall stickers for a refund?
As all Wall Stickers are custom made to order and we can not restock such items, returns are only accepted under the circumstances of Manufacturing defect.

I've just painted my wall, will it be ok?
We recommend that you wait for at least 2 weeks between painting your wall and applying your sticker. This is because even though the paint is dry, it will not be fully cured until 2-4 weeks after painting. 
The paint will not achieve its full strength until it is completely cured. It will be more likely to peel from the wall when the sticker is removed, and the sticker may peel away from the fresh paint. Under good conditions, paint will usually be 80 - 90% cured in a couple of days, fully cured in a few weeks, so the longer you leave it, the better.

What colour would best suit my wall?
As every taste is different it is hard to say! But generally contrasting and complementary colours work well.  

How are your wall stickers packaged?
We securely pack all of our wall stickers in strong reinforced postal tubes. Your wall stickers will be carefully rolled up to allow for a crease free transit. As we send our wall stickers in postal tubes they will not fit through your letterbox so please ensure somebody is in to receive your order.

How long do your wall stickers last?
Your wall stickers will be manufactured from a premium sign vinyl that is guaranteed by the manufacturer of a minimum of 5 years inside under the most extreme conditions. However this is only a minimum and your wall stickers will last much, much longer than this.